Blake Martinez

Bike: 2009 Triumph Street Triple R

Profiles: @TriumphTriples / @bmartphoto

When did you start riding and what inspired you to do so?

I first started riding when I was 19 years old and I was inspired by the guys over
at Rusty Butcher Motorcycles in Southern California. Their style caught my eye and I wanted to start riding custom bikes as soon as I could.

What was your first bike?

It was a 1999 Yamaha V-Star 650

What is your current bike and what makes it special?

My current motorcycle is a 2009 Triumph Street Triple R and what makes it special to me is the power and style that it has. Triumph made this bike to be fast and

light with plenty of torque. To me this bike something different from Ive ever ridden
which automatically makes it stand out compared to the others especially with its
unique build and style.

Do you have any favorite riding destinations?

My favorite riding destinations are the PCH on Highway 1 near Malibu, CA and Pismo Beach, CA.

What are your passions outside of riding?

My passions outside of riding motorcycles are shooting photos and video.

Do you have any bike plans for the year?

I would say a big plan I have for 2019 is to build a custom tail for my Street
Triple R and repaint it to a unique colour.