Tim Cochrane

Bike: Triumph Bonneville T100

Profiles: @TCandThundercat

When did you start riding and what inspired you to do so?

I first started riding a couple of years back when I passed my CBT in a local town, I'd been thinking about it for a while and used it as a chance to see if i enjoyed it. I'd say my main inspiration came after watching Ewan and Charlie do Long way Round and Long way Down. I've driven for many year but Motorcycling seems to be a completely different way of experiencing travel and want to see if it was for me.

What was your first bike?

I like the aesthetic of old bikes, but at the time i didn't know a thing about maintenance. So my first bike was one that was new, that looked old. I did a deal and got a Mutt 125. This little brat/tracker/scrambler fitted the look and feel i wanted with an engine I could ride on L's. Almost wish i'd not traded it in and kept it, perfect inner city bike.

What is your current bike and what makes it special?

After a lot of consideration, research and trusting my gut feeling, I went for a Triumph Bonneville T100. It a gorgeous looking beast and one I love riding. It felt right and continued the retro styling of the kit I'd purchased. Its well placed for customization and I'm into the brand heritage. I'm not a fast rider, but feel and sense of nostalgia are important to me. I've named her Thundercat as the aftermarket silencers I've added really roar.

Do you have any favourite riding destinations?

Weeks after getting the Bonne, and after getting her over the initial miles before the first service interval, I headed to Scotland - up the east cast, to John O' Groats and over the north coastline and back down the west coast, roughly along the NC500. The scenery was spectacular and peaceful and enjoyed camping and BnB'ing along the way. Going alone I could take my time, stop when I wanted, paced according to the weather and spend longer anywhere I enjoyed. I got time to go sea kayaking and saw a pair of sea eagles at close range.

What are your passions outside of riding?

As a profession, I'm a photographer and film maker, so naturally I take a lot of photos of my bike and where ever I'm going. I've done a few motorcycle films but would really like to do more. Riding and filming/shooting can get tricky, not enough hands! I also write and record music in my spare time, its a good way of linking everything together. 

Do you have any bike plans for the year?

After Scotland, I've also done trips to wales, but would like to do more of both again. I've always harbored the thought of getting a Royal Enfield bullet and taking it back to India, or Vise versa. As with so many idea, its the getting going, once you're off, the hardest part is done.