COVID-19 - delivery times

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is playing havoc with our retail deliveries. There are several reasons for this:

- There is almost no commercial air travel currently. Under normal circumstances, regular airlines take a significant amount of the world’s international post.
- Certain countries (notably the US) are putting post in quarantine for several days before distribution.
- Reduced staffing within the postal service.
- Increased volume of online deliveries as conventional stores are closed.
- Different approaches to containment of the virus in different countries.

Of course we have no control over these problems - we ship immediately but once in the postal system we have no further control. That said, we are responsible for getting your product to you and rest assured we will do that. We are monitoring each and every shipment via Royal Mail’s tracking system and we are amassing data on how long shipments are actually taking. That way we can provide you with the best information we have. Currently, the situation is as follows:

UK - 1-2 days
US - Overall, an additional two weeks for all deliveries. Our records show delivery times are currently around 18 days on average
Canada - Notably worse than the US. Currently about 24 days.
Europe - Delayed but generally good - about 11 days in total.
Australia, New Zealand - Dreadful - 28 days typically.
SE Asia - about 26 days
Middle East - 24 days
Japan - 20 days

These figures will be updated in the light of new data.

IF YOU HAVEN’T ORDERED and don’t like the idea of waiting, there are a couple of options:

- you could try one of our network of dealers
- try Amazon. We’re busy stocking up in the UK and US, and they have their own distribution systems which may be quicker.

Lastly, thank you for your patience. These are difficult times but normality will return at some point.

Ride safe,