About us

"Dart Flyscreens came about because I wanted a flyscreen for my Ducati Monster. There wasn’t much available in 1995, so I decided to make my own. As it was for my bike, it had to be right - it had to fit properly, work well and look good.

25 years on, I still insist that Dart products meet these criteria.

Accessories need to work, but they should also complement the bike’s appearance. With our screens, I take this further and say they should become part of the bike - like a factory part. Why is this important? Well, the screen is always in your field of view when riding, so it’s essential that it looks like it belongs.

All our products are designed by me and made in England. My aim is to make accessories that you are proud to put on your bike and make a genuine improvement."

Steve Sleddon,
Dart Flyscreens Ltd.


We injection-mould all our screens, rather than thermoforming them from sheet material. This process involves injecting molten polycarbonate under pressure into a cavity in a precision-made toolset.

Check out the photo of the Marlin toolset. These tools are expensive but doing it this way results in a superior product, as you’ll see when you compare our screens to our competitors.

Dartec II

For 2020 all Classic, Marlin and Piranha screens are enhanced by our proprietary Dartec II hard coating. This is a thin layer of silicate material bonded to the polycarbonate screen, giving it a glass-like hardness and abrasion resistance.

This is the sort of finish used in the ophthalmic trade to coat spectacles. However, they’re a LOT smaller than a motorcycle screen, so we had to develop our own technique for applying the coating. This meant designing and building a machine from the ground up. It took eighteen months and a lot of experimentation, but we’re there and you’ll find the results speak for themselves as soon as you handle the coated screen.